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Monday, August 11, 2008
It's not over til it's official
Well it's official now. Not that the solid year and a half of neglect gave it away or anything, but this site is being abandoned. I always held out the hope that someday I'd get the itch to throw some words this way. But now that I feel like writing again this doesn't feel like the right venue anymore. Kinda like going past a house you used to live in only to find that no one moved in after you left and the landlord was a dick so the house just fell into disrepear. Of course you threw a rock through the front window, but by that point it wasn't going to hurt anything anyway. Well this post is that rock.

Peace out.

Sunday, October 07, 2007
Eff the NY Jets
This might be short lived... I've got a couple tickets on today's football action, but it's not looking great.

Bank: $-6

Wednesday, October 03, 2007
Wow, this place is in shambles. I don't have anything worth posting, but I've decided to keep track of my gambling winnings (yeah thats right, winnings).

Hockey season starts tonight and I've got the Red Wings and Senators both winning by 2 with Alfredson outscoring Sundin by 1.

Bank: $-2

Tuesday, January 30, 2007
No More Fun and Games
Don't worry, that title is a total lie. This post is actually sponsored by fun and games. I have recently spent a rediculous amount of time in one particular corner of the internet (and I'm not talking about Facebook right now). I'm talking bout TETRIS. So I figured since we haven't had one of these game challenges in a while (or any comments you jerks!) that I'd put up my high score and set the bar. Ready. Set. Tetris!!


I Hope Jack Bauer Doesn't Read This Blog
  • Is it just me or did last night's episode of 24 kind of...ummm, suck ass? I'm sure that by the end of the season I'll have forgotten all about it, but the last 2 hours of Jack Bauer's life haven't lived up to his usual standards.

  • At this point in time I am willing to call the song Cordelia by The Tragically Hip one of the greatest and most underrated songs off all-time.

  • Angst on the planks, spittin' from a bridge / Just to see how far down it really is

  • What if the NHL went to a 76 game schedule? Playing 4 games a year against each team in your division, 3 games against the other teams in your conference (alternating 2 home vs. 1 away on a yearly basis) and 2 games against each team in the opposite conference. That way everyone is playing a balanced schedule and you're guaranteed to see every team in the league in your building at least once. That right there is just another reason why I am more awesome than Gary 'The Count' Bettman.

  • 15 Days until pitchers and catchers report!

  • Oh, and Happy Jeff Bagwell Day!

  • Wednesday, January 17, 2007
    Kind of Like a Two-For-One Deal...
  • On Monday/Tuesday I worked a 22 1/2 hour shift. I actually volunteered for this, because as the selfproclaimed 'King of the All-nighter' I can't turn down a challenge. I knew I could stay up all night and still have my proformance unaffected in the morning. What I didn't expect was the bonus I recieved. You see because I slept as soon as I got home and then stayed up most of the night again it feels like I'm getting two days off from work instead of just the one day that appears on the calander. Jackpot!

  • Under "Bomb-diggity" in the dictionary there is a picture of Pringles Jalapeno flavoured chips.

  • Tonight on sportsnet is the Top Prospects Game featuring the best, undrafted players in the CHL. Unlike the NHL all-star game that doesn't mean anything (How does Jagr not get named to the team?!) these players have something to play for. According to a source that I just made up in my head, the Top Prospects Game and the World Junior tournament are the two biggest draws for NHL scouts. So tune in tonight and watch 40 of the best undrafted players fight for roster spots.

  • You should probably question the authority of any dictionary shady enough to have the word 'Bomb-diggity' in it. Especially if it's between 'Bomb' and 'Booyeah'.

  • Old School Joint of the Day: Do You Feel Like I Do (live) - Peter Frampton

  • His guitar freaking talks!

  • If you haven't watch the premiere episodes of 24 yet you probably don't know that Agent Curtis "Face punch" Manning got shot in the neck. Although if you just read that sentance there is an increased chance that you now know. Even though he delivered one of the greatest face punches in the history or televison I wasn't that sad to see him go. Not like the time they killed Tony "Cubs Mug" Almeida, I'm still bitter about that one. Like the crazy old man on the bus says: "Hey, if we're all gonna die sometime anyway, getting shot in the face by Jack Bauer isn't all that bad."

  • Monday, January 15, 2007
    two - four !!!

    Thursday, January 11, 2007
    Hi My Name Is Mike, And I Have A Problem...
    Facebook. I can feel the addiction slowly extending its grubby paws and trying to take a hold of me. I've avoided it for so long and now in spite of my best efforts I find myself checking it multiple times a day. At the surface it seems so simple, yet there is still so much to learn and explore. For instance, what in the eff is the purpose of a 'poke'?

    In completely unrelated news I finally finished re-adding all my CDs to my computer and the grand total is just over 1800 tracks. The best part about going through all those CDs again was finding the random burned and unlabeled ones that contain all the great songs that I had totally forgotten about (yes, they're so great that I forgot them). So for at least the next couple posts I'm gonna be signing off with my Old School Joints of the Day. Today's forgotten treasure: One Burbon, One Scotch, One Beer. It's a great song, and it makes me thirsty.

    Lastly the other purpose of this post is to break up the potential 'Steve post trifecta'. It's kinda like tic-tac-toe for bloggers.

    what??... huh??
    overheard at glendon:

    high school tour kid - "man, all these girls here look like they could punch the baby"

    WTF? what does that even mean? damn... i must be getting old.